Oroton Signature Mesh Bag

A classic Australian icon – the Oroton Signature Mesh Bag in White.

Oroton started life in Australia in 1938 as an import company, Boyd Lane & Co. Their aim was to provide luxurious European textiles for the emerging Australian fashion industry. At the beginning of the 1950’s an unusual material was discovered in an industrial safety glove factory in Germany. The metallic mesh was quickly recast as a fashion item. The first mesh piece, released in 1951, was a make-up compact.

The Oroton Signature Bag was born in the late fifties and fast became the must have accessory for fashionable young Australians.

This bag is in great condition. There is some wear on the handle and a small rust patch on the bottom of the bag in the left hand corner. It may clean off but does not detract from the look of the bag. The satin lining also has a few small marks.

Size: 8.5 inches x 6 inches

Actual colours may differ slightly from the photographs.

Price: $80.00

Stock: In Stock

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