About Us

With a long time passion for vintage style, the team at Vintage Fixation considers our collection to be wearable art. We offer quality clothing, accessories, jewellery and home wares from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. Whatever the occasion, we will have you dressed to impress!

Vintage Fixation is the lifelong dream of Patricia, a vintage clothing aficionado and Film & Television Makeup Artist, who grew up on a healthy diet of movies from the golden years of Hollywood, watching the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner and Rita Hayworth.

Patricia is also lucky enough to have a very stylish and fashion forward mother. Her polished outfits throughout the 60’s had a very strong influence on Patricia’s personal style and Patricia’s father’s passion for photography has left her with a fantastic reference guide to ensure that her styling is authentic down to the last detail.

She began collecting vintage pieces around 15 years ago and has amassed quite a collection from humble shell tops and peddle pushers to Couture Valentino.