Top 5 Halloween Makeup Tutorials (and they're user friendly!)

I love a good party. My dear friends know this all too well (especially around my birthday. No mere single day celebration will do. Oh no! The Festival of Lauren lasts no less than a month!). And the only thing I like more than a party is a costume party. So you can imagine how excited I get when Halloween rolls around.

Unfortunately, this year time got away from us and we forgot about organising anything so all my Halloween excitement is dressed up with nowhere to go. But I still need my horror fix. So in addition to watching such classics as The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 I’ve decided to put together a top 5 list of my favourite user friendly Halloween makeup tutorials. These tutorials don’t require lots of expensive special effects make up. Some even use house hold products. So there’s no excuses for you not to be seriously scary this Halloween!

Warning: The following movies contain images that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer’s discretion advised.

5. Slit Throat

This is a personal favourite. I dressed as a Murdered 50’s Nurse with an Elaborate Back Story for Halloween two years ago (I was NOT a zombie) and Patricia, Mrs Vintage Fixation, used her talents as a make up artist to help me look the part. We watched this tutorial and then changed it up a bit to suit what we had and what I wanted.

This was the final result from our attempt. I was pretty happy with it.

I had purchased some runny fake blood along with liquid latex and a bruise kit from Fitch’s Chemist. Patricia made some fantastic congealed blood to add to the slash by mixing some dried couscous with a little of the fake blood. Looked disgusting and worked a treat!

4. The Glasgow Smile (AKA The Chelsea Smile)

This was what I wanted to do the year I did the slit throat makeup. But my bestie convinced me it would be a bit too gross. Nonsense! Next year I’m dressing as the Black Dahlia and I will do this makeup.

If you are a Nip/Tuck fan this is a brilliant variation:

3. Silent Hill Nurse

Ok, so this one takes some dedication and the willingness to only breath through your nose for an entire night. If you also happen to be a ballet dancer even better! I love this guy. I highly recommend checking out the rest of his tutorials. You won’t be disappointed.

2. Infected

If you are worried purchasing the prosthetic gelatin to make the boils in this video I have included a DIY Prosthetic Gelatin tutorial below.

1. Cenobite

Cabin in the Woods fans rejoice! Finally we can imitate our favourite extradimensional being, Fornicus. He wasn’t on screen for long but boy did he make an impact. Emma Pickles brings the Lord of Bondage and Pain to life with this amazing tutorial. Charlie Short, from the Silent Hill Nurse tutorial above, also does a great version I highly recommend checking out.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Lauren x

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