Top 5 Halloween Makeup Tutorials (and they're user friendly!)

I love a good party. My dear friends know this all too well (especially around my birthday. No mere single day celebration will do. Oh no! The Festival of Lauren lasts no less than a month!). And the only thing I like more than a party is a costume party. So you can imagine how excited I get when Halloween rolls around.

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Altering Vintage

Have you ever found your dream vintage dress? The one that looks like it was made just for you? Chances are, if you did happen to stumble across that perfect piece, it wouldn’t be in your size. It’s the nature of vintage shopping. We don’t have the luxury of walking into a store and selecting a dress that comes in a variety of sizes. And for a lot of us that is half the fun. The thrill of the hunt. But what if you did find it? Could you walk away?

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The Amazing Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure!

You may have wondered why we list the placement and, where possible, the brand of zipper on our pieces. The fact is, sometimes the zipper on a dress is the fastest and easiest way to identify the era that dress was produced in (though it is always possible the zipper has been replaced so it should always be used in conjunction with other methods when aging a garment).

Way back in 1851 a patent was given to Elias Howe for the Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure. Resembling an elaborate draw-string more than the zippers we know today, Elias never seriously tried to market it and the idea halted before it could really begin. Then, at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, Whitcomb Judson of the Universal Fastener Company, presented a ‘Clasp Locker’, essentially a complicated hook-and-eye fastener. In 1913, Gideon Sundback, the head designer of the company (now known as Talon, Inc) designed the modern zipper. The first modern zippers were all metal with individual teeth and used most frequently had military applications.

Fast forward to the 1920s and zippers could be found in men’s and children’s clothing as they made dressing a simpler process. However, for the very same reason, they were generally not used in women’s clothing. A real lady should not be that easy to undress!

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So why vintage clothing?

Welcome to Vintage Fixation, a site dedicated to bringing you a wide variety of authentic vintage clothing and accessories from the 40’s through to the 60’s.

Vintage Fixation is the lifelong dream of Patricia, a vintage clothing aficionado, who grew up on a healthy diet of movies from the golden years of Hollywood

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